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Our company was born in 2010 and we are a team of collaborators with decennial experience in the field of road transport including purchase of diesel fuel, motorway tools and VAT and excise taxes refunds.

– You can have the best price of motorway tools with subsequent payment and without any bank guarantees.
– You can obtain VAT refund in advance directly into your bank account within 10 days.
– You can get trains and ferries all over Europe while saving time and money.
– You can pay the fuel at reasonable economic conditions and prices throughout Europe.
– You can find the best insurance solution minimizing costs and without giving up the service, our goal is to take care of you.
– You can successfully obtain funding on advantageous terms.
– You can count on fast legal assistance by a road transport specialised lawyer.
You have guaranteed legal representation abroad, you can contest fines and in the event of emergencies receive immediate recharge for paying and continuing the trip.

Tullia Nappi

Sole Administrator I am Tullia,
I have been working in road transport sector for twenty years.. my challenge is to reinvent myself and keep up with the changing market with transparency, professionalism and team working kept in mind

Margherita Copparoni

Business Development Manager – National and international sales manager Hello I am Margherita,
I can describe my job with two words: dedication and passion, words that outline real success. Doing what we love is important to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

Piera Maccarrone

Office Manager Hello I am Piera,
my strong dedication and energy help to direct the group through the goal. I strongly believe in team working because motivating one another is fundamental to overcome challenges.

Anela Sadiku

Administration Manager Hello I am Anela,
I consider myself a cheerful and easygoing person but at the same time demanding, meticulous and organized: all features that help me in my career. Challenges don’t scare me because I always try to give my best in everything I do.

Nicole Michelon

VAT refund Service Hello I am Nicole,
I love my job because it teaches me that difficulties are made for being overcome. The only limit is the one you set yourself. For this reason I put effort and dedication in everything I do always trying to learn something new.

Sara Cocucci

Excise Service and Allowance for Work Abroad Hello I am Sara,
the human contact established with costumers is what I mainly prefer of my job, I always try my best being always available and giving harmony in each situation.

Giuliano Pagano

Insurance Service Manager Hello I am Giuliano,
I am a dynamic person who loves his job. Over the years I developed professional skills connected to decisional and problem-solving abilities.

Marco Trovato

Insurance Service Hello I am Marco,
I am a determined and helpful guy. From this job I learn everyday how important is to know how to listen and understand costumer’s needs for offering the best service.

Marilina Cenami

Campania Sales Agent Hello I am Marilina,
I am a dynamic and fast person with always a new goal to achieve. I do my job with participation and fascination.

Rosario Pesacane

Campania Sales Agent Hello I am Rosario,
I have twenty years’ experience in road transport field and I consider myself a serious, reliable and experienced person.

Angelo Leggio

Puglia, Calabria and South Lazio Sales Agent Hello I am Angelo,
I have been working in logistics and transport field for many years now. Thanks to my thorough knowledge in dynamics and problems of transport sector I can find with our costumers the best solution for their companies.

Catia Trovato

Emilia Romagna Sales Agent Hello I am Catia,
I worked in the field of road transport as a driver in the past, therefore I am familiar with the real needs of the sector.

Alessandro Verzetti

Friuli Venezia Giulia, Veneto and Piemonte Sales Agent Hello I am Alessandro,
my main characteristic is precision because I take everything seriously, especially my costumers’ needs.